February 21, 2012:

I prayed this morning to the Lord and  Angels to discuss a person's current situation concerning spirit attacks.  The following excerpt is the informative discussion with one of the Arch Angels, a lady:

Lilly:  In my opinion it serves no higher purpose to have this going on, as it doesn't train you "further", if you already are knowing and doing what is right and proper I explained to them. After having said that, I wrote down (took dictation) of their comments:

Arch Angel: "We know this, and she has been wonderful.  She just can't continue with fighting these demonic spirits just so as to keep them occupied while we get to the heart of the problem, which is self-containment of souls who are so demonic that they literally cannot return into a human thought form body when they come back to their locations in the lower realm.  You see, we are taking them out at night and causing them to become "able to whatever their hearts desire" in order to fully get to the core of their problem, that being that they WANT to do devilish acts in order to feel "power over another".  They want to get nasty to those on Earth, so we direct them over to houses and homes of people who we know can handle their attacks and visually see that the Earth Person isn't upset at their actions.  They then realize one of two things:  that they are no longer frightening to Earth People, or that they are being lead into thinking that as we are the ones arranging the visits to certain homes of certain people. 

Lilly: When these dark spirits are at this very low point already, you must know that there isn't further proof needed at this point in time.

Arch Angel: We do realize that the whole issue is one of choice:  We offer them choices and they take what they want, leaving the best choices for later.

Lilly: So in other words, they bilk the system, your system?  They KNOW you are going to offer later choices, so it is their pushing the boundaries as much and as far as they can.  

Arch Angel: True, and we identify with their feelings that they are being lead around.

Lilly: Then there must be a better way, a more educated way.  I don't disagree with what your end result you wish to attain here is, I just disagree with your methods you have chosen to use.  There has got to be better ways than what you all seem to use.  

Arch Angel:  We see that the whole issue isn't good here overall, and yes we agree that our methods are archic and even tribal.  

We see that the whole problem overall is that she is willing to work with the Lord's Team of Arch Angels, yet she doesn't realize that the problem we face is over-crowding of the negative levels.  We need more help!  We need more people on Earth helping us fix this.  We can't fix it all by ourselves this time.  We could have if we hadn't had trouble in the Minus Levels back in the late 1800's.  That's when the negative spirits were wanting to incarnate over in Germany, as they knew about the plans of the Anti-Christ that was to be incarnated there.  We speak here  of Adolph Hitler.  He was someone who was Julius Caesar and now he was going to incarnate on the face of the Earth as "Adolph Hitler".  We all knew this in the Spirit Realm, and so did the dark souls.  They wanted to be "Hitler's Regime".  We, the Arch Angels, felt that this whole event of having two world wars in once single century would lead to huge ramifications later on, and the Elders and the Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit Group knew it would as well.  We all thought it would culminate in bringing forth the greater good which was Israel returned back to the Hebrews.  That and the fact that the whole conglomeration of souls in Purgatory would be able to go down to the Earth in Europe and become Nazis, which would leave Purgatory almost without souls for a time, which gave us Arch Angels the chance to grow ourselves in training and preparation for returning to the Earth as human beings to be also born there in the Hitler-attacked countries as Jews.  We returned to the Earth to contribute to God's plan in order to be the ones that Hitler murdered in the concentration camps.  So most of the Angelic Realm were either on the surface of the Earth as Jews in Europe or in the Spirit Realm getting prepared to wage war against the dark souls who were still around on the surface of the Earth.  Not all returned to Purgatory as God released the dark souls to be roaming around,much like they do now, except that this case is different:  God is allowing the dark souls to roam the Earth in order to cause trouble to those who wish to sleep well, to live normally, and to become at peace.   

Lilly: "Why", I asked?   

Arch Angel: That is where we can't say.  We want to dehumanize all of the dark souls and make them BACK into the animal thought forms they used to be.  We can't however, unless we offer them certain prior-conditions first.  It is indeed very similar to Death Row Inmates here on Earth where they have appeal after appeal granted them prolonging the time they have on the Earth to live.  Ultimately they do get to the death part of their sentence, yet it is rather like that here on Earth.  

May 20, 2011:

 I have a growing concern about why people are being spiritually attacked when they themselves consider they have done nothing to instigate any such behavior that would bring on a psychic attack. Yet there is always a reason behind such an attack.  Like does attract like, we know that already.  We here on Earth are spiritual beings encased in physical bodies.  If someone is lowering their own wavelength of their spirit, doing actions such as taking narcotics, severe alcoholism, using the Ouija Board and being invaded easily by dark spirits, doing criminal activities, willingly summoning dark spirits, doing wicca, spells, incantations, satanic activities, including deliberately inviting or summoning spirits just to record an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or calling spirits to come so that they can videotape or digitally photograph them, etc. –all that lowers the person’s Auric Field and brings their vibration rate down much slower and lower into the Minus or Purgatory Levels of vibration.  This can easily make their Auric Field, Chakra System, and physical body invaded by those of the dark.  Yet, if someone is NOT doing any such negative activities in their past or present, and now are having a spiritual attack happening to them, there is another complex event happening which needs to be considered.  This area is where I am having a growing concern.  Being online since April, 1999, helping people with all types of serious disruptions to their lives with spiritual attacks, I have witnessed a growing number of people who are falling into this last category of their not doing anything to warrant or instigate such an attack.  Their shock and disbelief why this is happening to them increases the violation they feel done to them.  People tend to assume that the Spirit Realm, God’s Domain that He specifically directly runs is all smooth running and free of any kind of corruption.  People also assume that all is well there, and that they don’t have conflicts of any kind that isn’t handled with the wisest of souls representing God and Lord Jesus Christ, aiding both the Father and the Son and doing their jobs according to God’s Holy Will.  Nothing escapes Father God’s Divine Knowingness, therefore why would such a violation to our minds, bodies, and souls happening to us here on Earth be allowed?

This is what has disturbed me so greatly.  That it is allowed, and after years of hearing this asked over and over in emails sent me from spiritually attacked people, I did some researching.  

The Earth’s population has greatly increased over the centuries.  The Lord’s Angels dwelling in the 12th Dimension on up to the 36th Dimension were now taking on a lot more work trying to keep the peace in Purgatory, which is one of their main duties, being guardians of maintaining peace.  The Lord has been using animal spirits for the new source of souls here on Earth, even predatory species of animals all in order to keep what the prophesies He shared with the prophets over the ages came true.  We are indeed in these “end times”, as foretold in the Bible scriptures.  Therefore, the population of Purgatory has greatly increased and subsequently the Arch Angels required more help in manning their positions  and maintaining control.  They worked with the Lord Jesus Christ to incorporate recruiting from those Lightworkers who had risen up over time to be high souls now residing in the 11th Dimension.  The Lord and the Arch Angels decided to give the Lightworkers  (who were created after the Angels, yet before the creation of Adam and Eve on Earth) a chance to now become listed and ranked as an Angelic Being, and continue on working up to the rank of Arch Angels.  All major plans of blending two different cultures and types of people into now one group is not without problems.  The Arch Angels wanted these new recruited Lightworkers to take on the roles of the harder and more unpleasant of tasks that the Angels themselves don’t like.  Citing all sorts of reasons why they are to do that type of work as their main employment was of disagreement right away, since equality was not appearing to be on the horizon with the onset of this new arrangement.  Another problem factoring in was that Lightworkers are innately psychic, therefore their sensing contradictions, even subterfuge with the coordination effort of the Arch Angels brought further arguments and meetings.  The Arch Angels were not only considering recruiting from those High Soul Status Lightworkers in the Spirit World, they also were wanting and needing so much more support required that they sought to enlist help from still another resource: those High Soul Level Lightworkers currently living on the Earth.  By High Soul Level I mean those of the 10th and 11th Planes status prior to their reincarnation on Earth.   Even some of the 9th Plane Lightworkers on Earth were considered and are having some work done on them to increase their wavelength and given challenges in their lives and dreams to see if they qualify for being raised up further in wavelength. 

Since (according to the Arch Angels) dealing with dark spirits is not best learned from textbooks and conceptual study, the Arch Angels and the Lord Jesus felt that these Earthly “mustered recruits” should experience a type of hands-on training program while they are asleep, and conscious in their Earthly lives.  Their ideas to toughen up an Earth Lightworker, and to give them practical experience to see how they handle themselves and their attitude overall has placed these Lightworkers in a “school of hard knocks” category.  Many do not even realize that they are now forcefully drafted into this type of ”psychic military boot camp”, and are indeed suffering from the lack of information, ignorant of answers as to why they are being systematically attacked.   What to do about it?  Who to ask, who to tell?  Who would believe them?  Usually they tell their closest loved ones, (i.e. spouses, parents, closest friends whom they hope would have some answers and resources to resolve this).  Telling a doctor these days would only mean a lengthy ongoing consultations, prescription drugs (which have no effect on spirit attacks), costly medic al bills with no positive results.  I have a relative who is a licensed Counselor, and was told that in these cases the Counselors, Therapists, and Psychiatrists are all mandated by the Medical Boards of their particular states to go by a standard set of rules, and forbidden to variate otherwise they could lose their license.  They will only prescribe drugs and follow set rules in place that have been excluding even the slightest reference to negative spirits and demonic possession as the cause.  Even though the reason that the person is being spiritually attacked by demonic or dark spirits, and even if the doctors themselves have private beliefs agreeing with the patient that they are being attacked by an outside source, they cannot by law even remotely reference to this being the case.

With the fact that those Arch Angels who are quarreling with the Lightworkers and have evicted all Lightworkers out of the Angel’s Domain of the 12th Plane on up, it has made it harder on those Lightworkers who are on the Earth currently.  It is an innate ability of Lightworkers to be psychic, and many Lightworkers on the Earth do apply their psychic abilities in order to aid others in their circle of friends, family, and others.  Many of these psychically-attacked Lightworkers are trying to resolve these circumstances of being psychically attacked by trying to turn a negative into a positive, trying to withstand these violations and abuse by being helpful to others who are also coping with attacks, as well.  They are using their psychic abilities to share with others and being helpful even though they themselves are still unresolved with why and how they are dealing with an on-going private battle, some of which have gone on literally for years, even decades.  In my research for answers I have come to some hard conclusions.

 The Arch Angels do want and need more help, help in terms of more jobs needing positions filled that include the hardest tasks of monitoring the Purgatory Levels and maintaining the peace there.  Keeping the numbers of Angels unknown to those of the dark who are planning strategies and attacks against the Angels.  The dark souls in Purgatory are much like terrorists with their way of thinking and acting. 

The Arch Angels are dealing with the over-crowding of Purgatory by using early release passes out of Purgatory for either a few hours to even early parole passes, called “Traveler’s Passes”.  These Travelers Passes grant these Purgatory Inmates the opportunity to travel up to the higher plane of the surface of our Earth.  There these dark spirits now commonly called by those in the Spirit Realm “Travelers”, (because of the “Traveler’s Pass), are free to roam and go from house to house, or check out humans on the Earth in any way or activity they want.  They travel around and snoop into people’s homes and lives, and listen in on conversations, all you can imagine they are able to do here until they tire and are drained from the experience of being on a much higher plane.  Usually they can remain on the surface here for about a half hour, before dropping back down to the Purgatory level in which their spirit vibrates at.  The problem that has been happening in a major way is that all inmates who are would-be recipients of a Traveler’s Pass in Purgatory, candidates who are up for a reward to travel on Earth are being forcefully coerced by gang leaders there in Purgatory and demanded to bring back siphoned energy from humans, much like bees going from clover to clover taking out the honey or like ants bringing back food to the queen ant.  These dark spirits are complying with their gang leaders and tap into human being’s  Chakra Systems, entering from the back which are the Will Centers.  They literally grab or scoop into human being’s Chakras, the Energy Centers of the Earth Person, and do so repeatedly trying to remove as much as they can of this swirling energy and then quickly take it into their own Chakras, traveling back down to the Purgatory level and gang members who now tap into these demonic spirits and drain them.  Over and over again this is done while the Traveler’s Pass is valid for that dark spirit, much like how ants and bees are, as I said.  They have incorporated that same method in other words. 

The Arch Angels are allowing this to happen, as they are saying that they want to have “new Angelic Beings” yet it is these Lightworkers that are being targeted by the dark spirits the most.  Why?  Because Lightworkers who are high souls incarnated here on Earth do have a lot more energy and energy as a “food source” is the main reason why these evil spirits are siphoning it out as a resource for them.

Why this siphoning draining act?  Those of the dark do not want to be close to God, associated with God in any way, or dependent upon God for sustenance.  Psalm 23 states in it’s passage:  “He restoreth my soul”.  This is what God does to all those whom are involved with Him, He restores our soul by linking directly to us and becoming One With Us, and we have this wonderful blessed wavelength traveling in and through our physical bodies while here on Earth, giving us a restorative sleep when we go to sleep at night, and making feel whole and normal.  Yet those in the Spirit Realm who do not want that linkage to God and His Source Energy, still want that Yang Force Energy to become controllable by them.  In other words, they want “the power of God to control and do what they will with it—all without any connection to God”. 

The Arch Angels do not want to share their upper planes of the Angelic Realm with Lightworkers, discriminating against them and keeping them curtailed with regulations so stiff that they don’t or even couldn’t cope with the restrictions.


The Arch Angels want the help of the Lightworkers yet they have restricted the Lightworkers with not allowing them to live and reside in the upper planes of the 12th Dimension on up.  They tried it and felt that the Lightworkers took advantage of their now being allowed to dwell in the Angelic Planes to bring up their  family and friends who were  of the 11th Plane or lesser to be there at their place and travel about.  Some were wanting to have their spouses live with them, and gain the information about the planes and were plotting to cause more friction between the Lightwokrers and the Angels.  It was all so as to have free access to the Angelic Planes without having earned that right.  In essence it brought the Lightworkers into many disagreements and the Arch Angels figured out that the whole idea was to have more Lightworkers brought up to their domain without proper meritorious effort on the part of the Lightworker.  If less worthy people were now able to live there without having improved their character and morality, then it clearly brought down the energy and level of standards.  It was a source of trouble from that point on.  If the Lightworker’s spouse also was a high soul and he/she, too, had earned the right through their own effort, then both of course were able to live together there in the Angelic Realm.  Trouble escalated between the two groups and ultimately the Arch Angels announced the eviction of ALL Lightworkers from their domain.  That day of the eviction brought retaliation and many Lightworkers set fire to their residences they had given them in the Angelic Realm.

At this point in time there has not been any resolution achieved between the two groups.  That is also where those people who are dealing with spirit attacks who did nothing wrong, yet are coping with it in their lives are not able to get help from the Arch Angels, if they are of Lightworker Origin.  I don’t know how this is all going to go, and even with intervention there still seems to be issues of spirit happening. Training is one thing, however, for it to go on for decades in some cases, and still ongoing seems to in my opinion defeat the purpose of “training” in and by itself.  I find it sad that both the Lightworkers and the Arch Angels cannot make some arrangement of peaceful concessions on both sides.  I see so many cases each week of this same type of spirit attack event occurring all over the world and I do whatever I can to be of help for those who write me. If you've not involved yourself with anything of the dark, even the slightest amount, then there could easily be the effort of your being "trained" to become an Angelic Being and at that level of wavelength.  It also means that it could even be where you are being trained and if successful are able to view Arch Angels and then become one of the many growing number of people on the surface of the Earth doing God's work.  Even though I deal with it from the standpoint of my trying to aid those suffering from Spirit  Attacks, and even though some (not all) are victimized without prior incurred negative Karma, I will continue in my effort to remain impartial to both sides.  In that respect on May 10th, 2011 I have the below piece of information that I wrote, followed by the channeled message I received by the Arch Angels with their viewpoint:


By Lilly 

Matthew 24:37 NIV

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

Luke 17:26 NIV

"Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man.

I included these Biblical verses so as to help understand how these prophetic statements are now applying in these "end times".  Why are these dark spirits, these "Travelers", attacking?  Why especially now? Hopefully the following info will help:

Each week I steadily get number of emails from people asking for help with this very same type of event: Spirit Attacks.  They "google" "Spirit Attachments" or "Spirit Attacks", etc. and find my articles on this subject and then write me asking for help.  They are from all over the world, which is where we now need to understand and view this personal event happening to those of us with a much bigger perspective.  They are not random nor are they rare experiences.  I prayed about this event happening with so many people writing me, and spoke with the Lord and several Arch Angels who were wanting me to impart further information, so the Hope From Beyond Forum Group and online readers would have a better understanding of the bigger picture happening here.  Here is the information they shared with me:

1. "There is a plan by the Spirit Guides, Arch Angels, and also the Lord Jesus to allow these attacks to happen, thereby causing the Earth Person (you and others) to defend yourself for several reasons.  In their words:  "How better to learn how to defend oneself than to have the actual experience.  Now as to why:  It will gain experience, plus show you how to cope with it, which is another term for being “used”.  That is not the main idea though overall.  Those of the Light in the Spirit Realm are also being attacked on their planes, too, as in a type of warfare; so by teaching those who are psychic (human beings on the Earth) how to defend themselves, it will bring forth still more people having fore-hand knowledge of said attack plans, and be able to equip them much better overall with how they defend themselves".

2. "If you are willing to defend yourself primarily with Love rather than standing and fighting or warring physically, all they [the dark spirits] can get is a little bit of energy.   If you were to fight physically while in your astral (spirit) state, they would get the chance to harm you more; so defending oneself with calling upon the Lord Jesus will have you receive the Holy Spirit Energy whilst you are being drained somewhat. 

      As to the global plan:  This is so as to keep those of the dark from not turning back into the Animal Thought Form Bodies they once were.  Those of the dark now in the Purgatory Levels are mostly to all from earlier animal spirits, (as in originating from).  They were not willing to remain loyal and true to God and become willing “new souls  in the human form”.  (I, Lilly, am injecting here that very true old adage:  “You can take the animal out of the wild, yet you cannot take the wild out of the animal”.  It is clear that the experiment that was allowed isn’t working out well.)   "True", the Lord says, "yet it doesn’t mean anything to create a spirit and then have them become in a human body only to have that negative spirit still not want to be human.  They literally don’t care if they are back in animal form, as they liked being animals, too, so the incentive program hasn’t worked. Therefore, these former animals allowed free roam of the planet’s surface still being in human shape are what is going on, and when I say animals, I mean the predatory types, (i.e. crocodiles, alligators, snakes, asps, so many that it would take too long to list).  They don’t want to remain human, so we are realizing our experiments in this didn’t work out, yet it kept the world population with it’s ever increasing levels to still have infants. An Arch Angel comes forth now and states: "The Lord literally ran out of souls in heaven to return.  Many did not want to ever return to Earth life, and had reached “Ascended Master” status so they didn’t have to return.  Others who were unwilling to return who had achieved their accomplishments and yet were not actually Ascended Masters still had the choice to either finish up their learning on the Heavenly Planes or Earth.  The majority of them chose to remain in Heaven to do that.  This is why there was now a strong shortage of willing volunteers to return".  

      "Now we get to the point of where does it go from here?  We are seeing many people now having nightmares of being attacked, sensing dark spirits and being attacked by them during the daytime, feeling these spirits or energy presences and not knowing why they suddenly are being drained, feeling like something is being taken out of them, feeling tired right afterwards and feeling emotionally upset afterwards as in a feeling of being hurt for no apparent reason, violated, left wondering why it is not blocked by God who is supposed to be "our refuge and our strength, an ever present help in times of trouble", as it states in Psalms 46.   The Lord says that we also are having this attack, which is where they are allowed to come into our planes and siphon us like we are farm animals, taking energy from us just like we are being “milked”.  The Lord chose to keep these negative spirits alive as humans even though it goes against all that we believe in and eventually they will realize that they, (the dark spirits), too, are being used, as we also are creating a new level of Purgatory in which to forcefully manipulate their ideas and thoughts to become “one” as in how ants telepathically think as one single unit. Why that is is that we think the whole of Purgatory went into such a negative practice with those of the dark trying to incorporate being organized with a mafia-type scenario, making those Purgatory inmates that are near the higher levels who were having “Travelers Passes” granted them, be pressured by gang leaders in Purgatory into being enslaved to go out at night and tap into sleeping humans and those who are of high soul levels such as Lightworkers, thereby siphoning enough energy to bring back this energy to those groups in the Purgatory levels.  It is the same method used by ants that go out and travel around seeking food sources for their Queen Ant.  Using this same method created an organized unit in Purgatory, making Travelers deliberately trying to get better solely for the purpose of being used as these “worker ants”  in methodical attacks for “food energy”. 

We of the Light of God are also wanting to force these "worker ants”, the dark spirits, to use their ideas of being strong with the Force Energy to create a new level of Purgatory in which they could establish rules and regulations making them become more human-like with their thoughts, ideas, obeying  rules, deliberately now able to be born on the Earth in similar societies such as say China and North Korea where communism is established.  These societies are "imprisonments of the soul" though, and they do not allow for creativity, compassion, love and blending the cosmic energy of Love and Light Combined.  That is where they [incarnated dark spirits] will hopefully long for having what they are lacking there, and then want to choose to become in their next reincarnation the existence of being in a freer society.  We are planning out the next several hundred years right now, and it will take at least 300-500 years for these newly created souls from former animal spirits to be now wanting Growth For The Soul which is a Category of Spiritual Growth.  


The Arch Angels went on to say "We do know that the whole idea of being used in such a negative way is intrusive, hurtful, violating, even much like being raped.  It offends us, too, yet the Lord is using us as well like this.  (Lilly here:  "catering like this to the dark souls is also displaying to them that we supposedly can be manipulated, that our loving nature can be used as a weapon against us, much like Good Samaritans being duped into being robbed because they stopped to help in a seemingly needy situation)".   

Arch Angels: "All that is correct, and we, too, feel that the Lord is taking clear advantage of those of the Light who diligently have worked so very hard all these years to create a good way of life as a reward up in the higher planes of heaven, now only to have that lovely environment ruined by those of the dark now allowed to roam and violate us as well.  It all comes down to this:  does it make for real truly wonderful human beings to evolve from dark spirits so wicked that they delight in the worst possible activities?  No, it does not.  It never has and it will never in the future happen, so why allow these good souls on Earth to be violated in such a way?  It will train them to be willingly understanding of what we as Arch Angels deal with in heaven, plus it will alter their way of thinking to withstand the pleas of dark demons and the like to pretend to be of need even in the direst conditions.  Many such wicked souls deliberately do nasty acts to each other to have the one of them pretend to be victimized by other demons, just so as to have us come to their aid.  It is always a trap set to harm the Arch Angel coming as a "Good Samaritan", so the Arch Angels do not ever fall for those entrapments.  However, there is the need now to say that making ones on the Earth become more willing to cooperate with those of the Light doing work for God in terms of being sturdy souls will only have a positive outcome later.




This is the report I've received and as you can see there seems to be a much bigger plan happening here, training us, and making a long-term effort in the way of increasing the number of souls on Earth.  I know many people have asked over the years where have all these souls come from since the Earth has never been populated so extensively as it has in recent years. To quote Wikipedia:(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_population):


The world population is the total population of humans on the planet Earth, currently estimated to be 6.92 billion by the United States Census Bureau.[1] The world population has experienced continuous growth since the end of the Bubonic Plague, Great Famine and Hundred Years Wars in 1350, population 300 million.[2] The highest rates of growth—increases above 1.8% per year—were seen briefly during the 1950s, for a longer period during the 1960s and 1970s; the growth rate peaked at 2.2% in 1963, and declined to 1.1% by 2009. Annual births have reduced to 140 million since their peak at 173 million in the late 1990s, and are expected to remain constant, while deaths number 57 million per year and are expected to increase to 80 million per year by 2040. Current projections show a continued increase of population (but a steady decline in the population growth rate) with the population expected to reach between 7.5 and 10.5 billion in the year 2050.


With the expected population being between 7.5 and 10.5 BILLION, you can see the issue of where are all these human being going to have the spirits to populate these human bodies?-- Especially with what the Lord and the Angels are explaining.  Even including major catastrophies of earthquakes, wars, etc. taking its toll on life, that continued increase is the key.  I know this is a hard read for many to take in, including myself with what was reported.   I'm not sure at this point in time just what all to think, as there is a lot to assimilate, but the main point right now is how to defend ourselves, how to cope with this and what measures will bring the highest and best aid according to God's Holy Will.  I know it is often said "God helps those who help themselves".  I know when you put God FIRST, everything else falls naturally into place.  That to me means that whatever the circumstances, if you have prayed to God and have asked him first and put him first in everything you deal with in life, then whatever happens after that you at least know that you have done the Right Thing.  Even if the struggles are difficult and you must deal with an attack, by being loving of God and allowing God to lead you with how you defend yourself, you do have that inner peace that cannot ever be taken away from you.  In addition to prayer, I personally have found that a rose quartz crystal placed upon my Heart Chakra also has been of great help for me as well.  I've used mine for years with success.  The chunk of rose quarts I've had is 2 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches.  What I have noticed is that their negative energy cannot transfer through my Heart Chakra while the rose quartz rock is placed there.  It is because of the properties the rose quartz has that enhances all forms of love: self love, maternal motherly love, platonic and romantic love.  It emanates unconditional love and nurturance, so you can see how this would be of some benefit as a defense against intrusions of a dark nature.  I normally am not into crystals, yet it is undeniable the positive effects that using my rose quartz has for me.


Here  is what one website describes very well its properties (and I want to add here that God would not have given us these rocks upon the Earth unless there was a positive reason): http://www.pixiecrystals.com/FExpRoseQuartz.htm

This stone emanates and represents Unconditional Love. It emits amplified soothing energy. Rose Quartz is attuned to the Water Element, and the crystal gently erodes and dissolves toxic blockages on every level: emotional physical, mental and cellular. Rose Quartz is incredible feminine and nurturing. A soft energy – but the softest gentle flow will eventually break through the hardest of blocks. 


I know this has been a difficult subject to read about, and yet being forewarned is being forearmed.  This was the main intent by the Lord and the Arch Angels who are wanting and asking for additional help from those who are of the Light of God and know through psychic and spiritual training and experience "to be of genuine help to those of genuine need". Life is not perfect or easy anywhere, not here on Earth nor is it in heaven from what is gradually being revealed.  The Angels have been doing this aid for many for a very long time.  Each has to make their own choices, and to search their hearts in terms of what help if any they can offer to aid the Angels.  

Love & Light,

Lilly, hopefrombeyond@yahoo.com


November, 2010

By Lilly


I've noticed over the past five years a surprising increase in my email reading requests concerning cases dealing with spirit attacks. I've been giving free readings on-line now since April, 1999, and back then it was uncommon to be giving readings on such problems. Today it's the majority of my readings and due to the volume of serious reading requests, this is chief reason why I have had to now state that unless it is a serious problem, I am no longer able to be giving free email readings.  I am so busy now with just this work along with answering our forum group's questions.


The reason why so many spirit attacks are happening I was told is that part of the problem is Purgatory nowadays has a full to overflowing capacity of inmates. I have also been given tours by the Lord's Angels to show me the long rows of cots where they are allowed to rest, much like dormitories, except that there is no walking space between these crammed-together cots. The dark spirits in Purgatory even sleep in shifts, as there are not enough bed space for all of them. The Lord and Angels informed me that early release of these dark spirits is therefore happening due to over-crowding issues and that's why many of those here on Earth are now having problems from these "Travelers" coming around, (dark spirits allowed a "traveling pass" to be here on the Earth).

My heart goes out to all those who have this miserable full-time embattlement.  Visitng my website you see in the navigation bar  a number of articles all surrounding this spirit attack and psychic draining problem, along with related issues. It wasn't my initial intention to write so many articles about negativity, as I was primarily having the website for teaching articles to explain the right way to develop psychic abilities, so that new psychics would not get into trouble in the Spirit Realm. You can see by checking the year dates at the bottom of the pages that the later written articles about these topics of spirit attacks, etc. have been most recent.  I felt compelled to alert the public and take any possible flack just to get the word out about this serious issue that I felt the general public wasn't aware of this happening. Yet instead of flack, my private email reading requests were now steadily increasing from people having these problems, then searching for answers online and finding my articles. These victims now writing to me about being spiritually attacked, (mostly women, but not all), and the majority of them being sexually molested or assaulted. Doing some investigation and seeking answers from the Lord, I found that the bulk of these attackers are male spirits and are causing this trouble "as a means to an end", and having an even larger plan.  They have been instructed by their demonic gang leaders there in Purgatory to do these sexual molestations and assaults deliberately to as many humans on Earth as they could while allowed out of Purgatory in order to cause the Angelic Beings additional stress of being called out on case after case all over the world to aid those who now call upon God for help because of them. Everyone in Purgatory who is now allowed a release is  approached and told to do this by their gang leaders, otherwise they will have ramifications that they won't like, so it brings these dark spirits into a either/or scenario.  It also makes them targets for abuse when they return if they don't harm any human. I also learned that another version of these spirit attacks are that male and female demonic level spirits were attacking by using men and women here on Earth as "hosts" for themselves so that they, (the two male and female dark spirits) could have sex together via using the human victim's lower three Chakras and genitals, either through a willingness on the part of the human or not. Entrapment and enslavement is the intention of these demonic beings. Again, this is where they are now causing trouble to humans on Earth, and the human being prays for aid.  Thus the Angels are sent.   You can sense the pattern here.

So in essence the demonic spirits' intentions are trying to force God to be busy sending out His Angels coming to the aid of those here praying for help from these attackers all over the world, thereby taxing the legions of Angels of their strength as much as they can. This is an obvious military strategy by the dark spirits, and many of those who are being attacked are just victimized as a ploy to draw forth the Angels to now come and be occupied defending the victims. Another reason for having a negative spirit now attaching themselves to someone is that the person themselves via their own doing have lowered their wavelength from narcotics or excessive alcohol abuse, or involved themselves in the dark willingly. This can cause their Auric Fields to be now vibrating at the Purgatory Level of wavelength which allows a dark spirit to be directly contacting them. I, too, receive emails from all over the world concerning this same problem, so from my perspective, the attacks circumvent the globe.  Those who are reading this and find themselves in the same predicament, please write me at hopefrombeyond@yahoo.com



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