There are the four basic elements of the Earth and each element was chosen to be a part of the wholeness of the planet Earth.  In this effort God assigned four Spirit Beings, assigned by Father God to lead the planet's surface to grow and flourish over the thousands of years: Adam, Da, Ra, and Ho. Another term I have heard for these ancient beings are "creator gods".  When I say "gods", notice that they do not have a capital "G".  Only Father God has this entitlement.  In Psalms 82, Verse 6:  I say "You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you, nevertheless, you shall die like men, and fall like any prince."  It is in this context that the term "god" is used.  They aided and assisted Father God in working to make the surface of the planet inhabitable as Father's servants.  Their names were Adam, Ra, Da, and Ho.  Adam was created first, and then Eve from Adam.  Ra, Da, and Ho were created right after Adam.  Adam was of the Earth elements.  Genesis 2, Verse 7: "Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being." Adam was thus involved with the ruling of the Earth.  Adam later reincarnated as as the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ra governed the element of Water.  He was involved in the Nile Region.  Ra failed with his overall  Mission Work. Up in the Spirit Realm,  Ra was what is called a "Tribal Leader". He is involved primarily with the Pleiadian energy beings known as Lightworkers. Ra reincarnated as Edgar Cayce, and this statement is mentioned in books about Edgar Cayce whom was told this when he lived on Earth.  He knew this fact, in other words. Da (long "a" sound): governed the element of Fire -- He later incarnated doing Mission Work for God and became Mohamed the Prophet. Ho governed the element of Air-- He incarnated to help God by coming to Earth also as a Christ Consciousness Being, Siddhartha Gautama, known as Lord Buddha. All four were sent down later to be of help to mankind.  All but one succeeded.  Ra went into trouble with darkness and invoked darker vibrations and even went into transforming himself into part man part bird.  How the Egyptians over time interpreted him to be later was to be involved with the sun, and they called him the "sun god".

Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God, begotten not made. For those of you who didn't quite understand what it meant by "begotten not made", that meant that Jesus' Spirit being the reincarnation of Adam, and in this life as Jesus had been born of the Virgin Mary. Mary was the reincarnation of Eve.  Thus Jesus was born through the process of which the Yin Energy Eve, who was created from the rib of Adam, now the Virgin Mary had conceived in her that which was of the Holy Spirit, and thus begotten through the birth process.  Jesus' was created through the Yin and the Yang Blend of God so that there would be both the Yin and the Yang Energy within the Son of Man.  Jesus was born of Mary, and the Father of Jesus was God, the Holy Father. Mary truly was the "Mother of God".  When the Baptismal by John happened, the Holy Spirit enveloped Jesus with the Holy Spirit to cause the Wholeness of Self to be within Jesus, giving Him the Christ Energy completely. That made him the Living Oneness of the Christ.   Many of us are from "Tribes" or groups that formed eons ago and  were at one time Huge Oversouls where we ourselves chose to become lesser in order to maintain a perfect balance of harmony plus curiosity and inquisitively desiring to learn more about life.  So we therefore subdivided ourselves and became Twin Souls or Twin Flames and thus began a Yin and Yang Energy path.  There is where some of us chose to have Tribes in our life for the camaraderie.  The four creator gods, Ra, Da, Ho, and later Adam all chose to have ascension while on Earth to accelerate those in their tribe, yet Ra fell from God's grace, Da became Muhammad the Prophet, Ho became Lord Buddha, and the Yin And Yang Energy Adam later became Lord Jesus here on Earth all for the growth for their category of souls, and then for others to also come into their path and walk along with them, enjoying the same teachings.  (Remember Jesus said he first came for those of the House of Israel?)  He later expanded his aid to gentiles, but it was first for his own Hebrews.    The majority of us have deliberately come down in the course of our numerous incarnations cultures that would automatically be taught the teachings of a certain major religion.  We do this so that we will have a more varied and more expanded view of religious guidance and teachings.  Later when we return to Spirit we find ourselves having incorporated and blended these teaching together in our own feelings and perspectives, ultimately ascending into the category of Ascended Master.  We are on a huge expansive journey back to ourselves and with this journey will have increased our capacity to love, forgive, hope, be generous, compassionate, have faith, and be peaceful with the Peace that passeth all understanding.  As the Apostle Paul said, "and the greatest of these is Love". © Copyright 2003, 2005 - All Rights Reserved

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