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By Lilly

What the term "Traveler" means is that they are Spirits mainly of the dark or Purgatory Levels that have been released to travel about the Earth.  These types of Spirits are released if they have earned this "pass" so that they are encouraged to become more involved with the Earth and to plan out their future incarnations  along with whom they may want to be born to. They are encouraged to visit various continents, see various cultures and religious beliefs, etc. just to sample how it would feel if they were to be born in that land.

This plan of allowing these "Travelers" free roam does work overall, as these traveling Spirits are not always intending to be doing good. Those who are "boarder-line" with their decency and integrity can and do get more into thinking that they can literally do whatever they please.  Often they will find their way into people's homes they know nothing about nor ever met.  They will get involved in watching their lifestyle and could even try to become engaged in sexual activity while they are there if there are people whom they are attracted to.  That is why they will try to initiate a contact during the person's sleep cycle when the person is not all that asleep or just falling asleep.  They will try to get involved with them in some sort of manner. Eeven though they may try the tactic of being polite or not speaking at all, it is a con, a trick.  They are trying to either beguile the human being or initiate a bold tactic to do negative acts.  (Please read "Spirit Attachments" and "Spirit Attacks During Dreams") They are looking to get involved with anyone who is willing, and much of the time are looking for anyone of the opposite sex for the purpose of negative activities.  They are not there for your benefit, but solely for theirs., and it is not uncommon for them to have what they call a "harem" whereby they go from place to place here on Earth, draining humans of energy which gives them more energy to be UP on the surface of the Earth longer.  Up, as the Earth Plane is a higher dimension for them, and they can't remain longer than about 20-30 minutes on the surface of our planet, otherwise they become lethargic and worn out.

 They are monitored to a minor extent, yet that seems to be where the Guidance Guild is overwhelmed at the current time, which means that they are struggling right now to be supervising these Travelers to a point where we here on Earth are needing to be more cautious now. With so many Travelers out these days from Purgatory being overcrowded, that is why it is especially important to be noticing if there are any differences in how you are sensing Spirits or if you are feeling like you are dealing with someone in Spirit who is not feeling of the Light and saying things that differentiate with what you  know to be right and true.

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